How to remap keys - Adding a Delete key

topic posted Tue, February 20, 2007 - 9:35 AM by  Tony
Ok, so somewhere in a forum I found a message about changing the Enter key to a Delete key so you could use it for windows in Parallels. Now I can not for the life of me find an option in Parallels for remapping this. Anyone know how to do it in OS X? (I could use a Delete key for OS X for editing, very handy.)
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  • The Windows UI has a key called "Delete" which Mac users often call "Forward Delete" which behaves differently than the Mac delete key (which maps to Windows as "backspace"). Although many Macintosh programs have option-delete or command-delete shortcuts which provide this functionality, it is not universal and will not map properly in Parallels or Boot Camp: the ASCII mappings re just plain different.

    The surest way to provide this functionality in Windows is to do it from within Windows, and it may or may not be universal to all Windows apps.

    If you have a "standard" external keyboard, the delete key (or forward-delete) is the one in the extra set of keys between the QWERTY keyboard to the left and the ten-key keyboard to the right. Picture at

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