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topic posted Thu, April 24, 2008 - 7:11 AM by  Tish
Is there such a thing? I work in a rapidly growing photo studio and was wondering if there was an instant messaging widget or software program that would allow us to communicate internally with some sort of pop-up function. It's not really practical for the photographers to be checking their emails every few minutes before their webmail logs out.

This is a large corporation with a very strict policy regarding instant messaging.

Any ideas?
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    Thu, April 24, 2008 - 7:22 AM
    if you're all mac users, could you use iChat and have it set up to only allow Bonjour messaging? That way it should stay within the subnet (I think... could be wrong on this) and not allow .Mac or AIM or Jabber.
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      Thu, April 24, 2008 - 8:38 AM
      Milo, thank you!

      My boss is one of the most Mac savvy people I know. He said that he would have never thought to use Bonjour with IChat.

      So many people wear headphones too and now we don't have to make them jump or have them standing next to a ringing phone that they can't hear. And the studio is getting so big it's becoming a big time waster to run across and ask for a reshoot while the item is still on the table.

      This works great! Just what we needed.
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        Thu, April 24, 2008 - 10:15 AM
        Hi, Tish.

        If you want to spend a little money for some additional features, the ideal application for this is called SnapMail.

        You can download it and try it for free from their website.


        Seamlessly send files between Macintosh and Windows computers.
        In addition to regular mail messages, send "Snaps" that notify the recipient with an alert pop-up. Respond directly to Snaps with a single mouse click using preconfigured "SnapBacks" (e.g. Take a message for me).
        Send reminder messages to yourself or others that will arrive at some future time.
        Activate an auto-reply message when you are busy or out of the office
        Create templates for text or forms that you send often, including their intended recipients. Identify these templates with color icons that give your mail a personal touch.
        Receive return receipts when your mail is read
        Send attachments with your mail (including folders)
        Manage your mail with folders and full search capability
        Proofread your messages using a while-you-type built-in spell checker and spelling suggestions
        Create groups, so you can send mail to a number of people with one easy selection
        Choose how you will be notified of mail delivery with sounds, icons, and alert boxes
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