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topic posted Mon, April 9, 2012 - 8:28 AM by  Mickey
I've been watching something of an exodus from tribe unfold over the last several months. More "unsubbed" posts appear in my tribes and in my inbox. This tribe remains perhaps the only really active one among the 200-ish I've got. So I talked to Jory, who said "go for it" to the idea that we might also build a Mac OS X community over on fb for anyone who happens to be over there, and created a group for us:

Don't want to join? No harm, no foul. But it would be a shame to lose touch with the great resource this tribe has become for so many. I hope to see you over there.
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  • Mickey 12.04.09 17:25 HST •
    Good idea ! We'l look 4 u there :) Th emore the merrier
    Tribe ® predates mugbook er Facebook ® myFace ® - My Space ® and many other social networks including Linkedin ® 
    'ey i know i stand accused of - N O T - sticking to mac OSX topics and sometimes slip in to the old mac os 2.7 - 9.x Classic ® mold
    It's uniX i don't unnerstand , Jory :) < grep >
    java javascript flash ios Oracle® db DBII AIX , HPIX & binary machine language - they are okay , also
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    Hi - I just requested to join. My name is
    Jake Superfly More on FB. THX. There are only 13 people though. To make that group functional, we really need many of the active tribe folk to join.
    • I do wonder about that. Are folks simply still resisting fb? Or is there just so much apathy, that our regulars aren't bothering with connecting over there?
      • (Or are they over at Google+?) Personally, I'm sticking here till they turn off the lights.
        • "Personally, I'm sticking here till they turn off the lights."

          • Meanwhile, the party is on down the street...
            • Party? Because Facebook is sooooo cool like that?
              • Seriously. If you think that's a better "party" for you then, gee, be on your way.
                • Smug, much?

                  The people make the party, of course. I may not be happy about the new digs, but my friends are there.
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                    >Smug, much?

                    Partying much on Facebook?
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                      Facebook has its values just as tribe does. They're different because we all have different needs. I don't understand the condescending comment. Not being on Facebook doesn't make anyone superior, JUST DIFFERENT.
                      • What irks me is when someone comes here and makes out like Facebook is where the cool kids are. And then calls me 'smug'? Weird stuff.
                        • No almost Cinco de Mayo . ...
                          Sacramento Mac Users Group • 
                          whtsamattah wid that ¿ Take it as a c o m p l i m e n t :)
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                            I make Facebook do what I need it to do for me and don't have any coolness issues about it one way or the other.

                            Let me contribute to lightening this thread up a bit. I shared this on Facebook, because I find myself living life much more enjoyably the less I take myself so seriously, either here or on Facebook:

                            "Being popular on
                            is like sitting at the
                            cool table in a cafeteria
                            at a MENTAL HOSPITAL."
                            • So…you're not smug about it much? Just sayin'…
                              • Well, in the seven days since my last post, there have been seven messages in this OS X group, and nearly all of them are about my use of the word "smug." So I'm doing the math... In the meantime:

                                I never said fb was better. I did say my friends were there. And Watchdog is right, except I think we're all sitting at the cool table in a mental hospital. I see no shame in partaking of a gathering where there is at least some possibility of an ongoing conversation. That is what community is, after all. There's certainly little to none of that going on in tribe, anymore. In the last seven days, there have been zero (zero!) messages in any of my favorite tribes.
                                • Is it set up like tribe, where you have discussion groups for different topics (like "mac os x"), and threads within those discussion groups (like ""Save As" missing in action")?
                                  • Yes. It looks a little different, but the functionality is there.
                                    • I'm looking at it now, and it just looks like one, long, continuous thread. How does one post or get to an individual topic within the group, or view all the discussion topics?
                                      • If it's like other fb groups, each topic looks like a post with the number of sub-comments listed under the topic text for each comment.
                                        • "If it's like other fb groups, each topic looks like a post with the number of sub-comments listed under the topic text for each comment."

                                          Oh, okay, I get it.

                                          Wow, that's really crappy. There's no brief subject heading to summarize and reference, and there's no way to get a list of the various topics for discussion. I'll probably have to break down and join soon, but it's SO inferior to tribe's layout, so inefficient and cumbersome.

                                          I wonder what the chances are that they'll eventually redesign the group layout to be more conducive to discussion, like tribe.
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                                    Sort of like tribe. i.e.: if I post a question to the OSX Group, anyone can comment on it and all the comments will be shown consecutively and visible to all. I like that you can post pics and charts and also links. If Tribe ever folds -FB will be all we have left!
  • I see there is a link in the original post here to that tribe there. Jory, is there a link in that group to our tribe here at Just sayin…

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