What is the right application?

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I'm trying to download english subtitles to a Cuban movie does anyone know what th ecorrect application is to open it? All I know is it's a zip and StuffIt originally opened it as Unix or something - I checked and mac does this as standard when it doesn't understand the info

here's the link to the subtitle downloads for anyone interested
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    Fri, November 16, 2012 - 4:24 PM
    For a movie to play with subtitles (that aren't embedded) the file needs to be names EXACTLY like the movie fire, except for the ending.

    Based on your link:
    1) Download the file
    2) double click the .zip file, it should open and unstuff on it's own. []
    3) move the .srt file into the same folder as the movie
    4) copy the name of the movie (except for the ending .mov/.mp4/.avi/etc) [for example:]
    5) Paste that into the name of the .srt file (keeping the .srt ending) []
    6) Play movie and enjoy subtitles.

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