How do I type a schwa?

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How do I type a schwa, the upside-down e? I know how to do umlauts, tildes, and accent marks using the alt key, but there must be more ways to do special characters.
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    Fri, October 20, 2006 - 6:45 PM
    If you go into system preferences 'international' select 'input menu' then check both 'character palette' and 'show input menu in menu bar'.
    Now ( if your default language is English US), you will have an American Flag icon on your menu bar. Click on it and a pull down menu will display "Show Character Palette" highlight and choose this option and a character palette window will open allowing you to insert any of literally hundreds of character options. If you select 'View-Roman' you will have the choice of Math, Arrows, Parenthese, Currency Symbols, and Punctuation plus 9 more. 'Punctuation' will have what you need.

    This may seem a bit complicated, but since it is part of the OS, once you set it up you can insert most any character into most any app that allows you to add text, such as Mail, Word, Excel, Final Draft, Pages, Dreamweaver, Acrobat etc. For me it sure beats having to memorize a gazillion keystroke shortcuts or digging into help files for they hid the salami.
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      Fri, October 20, 2006 - 7:39 PM
      <digging into help files for they hid the salami.>
      digging into help files for ᎳᎻᎯᏒᎲ they hid the salami.
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        Re: How do I type a schwa?

        Sat, October 21, 2006 - 11:57 AM
        Thanks much. I didn't see it under the Roman option, but did find it under All Characters/Symbols/Phonetic Symbols.
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          Sun, October 22, 2006 - 1:43 PM
          I am running Mac OS X 10.1.5 and didn't find any of these Roman options. However, I can now type ə schwa by going to this thread, selecting the ə from your message and copying the ə schwa text to the clipboard, and start pasting schwa in many places

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            Re: How do I type a schwa?

            Sun, October 22, 2006 - 7:33 PM
            That shows that it must be possible somehow. I'm sure there are a few different ways to find this character. I'm running 10.4.8, but I can't believe that there would be no way at all to type it using an earlier version of OSX. Keep us updated if you find another way, please.
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              Mon, October 23, 2006 - 8:39 AM
              Okay, here is another way (Mac OS X 10.1.5.)

              ----- this requires an application that supports unicode input such as "TextEdit" -----

              choose the "Unicode Hex Input (Unicode)" keyboard from the International Keyboards menu
              hold down the option key and type "0259"

              ----- to add the "Unicode Hex Input (Unicode)" keyboard to the International Keyboards menu -----

              open "System Preferences"
              click the "International" icon
              select the Keyboard Menu tab
              check the "Unicode Hex Input (Unicode)" keyboard from the list

              ----- This is what I did to figure out what is going on with the schwa character -----

              pasted the ə (schwa) using TextEdit
              saved the file in text format onto the Desktop as schwa.txt

              opened "Terminal" application in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder
              [localhost:~] mmphosis % cd Desktop
              [localhost:~/Desktop] mmphosis % cat < schwa.txt
              [localhost:~/Desktop] mmphosis % hexdump schwa.txt
              0000000 feff 0259
              [localhost:~/Desktop] mmphosis % hexdump schwa.txt
              [localhost:~/Desktop] mmphosis % exit

              Googled "unicode schwa" for a bit of information about unicode and the schwa

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