Firefox, restoring last session

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i just had to close my browser (along with multiple tabs) but was not given the option of saving my tabs so as i could restore them again..

how can i go about doing this manually?
generally i have no problem when my browser crashes ~ they are restored very easily.

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  • One thing I've noticed is that in order to get Firefox to restore my last session when it's not coming back from a crash (just a regular browser close), I have to quit Firefox using command-Q instead of just hitting the "x". Don't know if this is helpful or not, but I've learned to get into the habit of doing it this way.
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    Go to your history and look it up.
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      my history is HUGE..
      i just want to know how to bring up exactly which tabs i had open before i closed the window - i'm sure i could remember which ones i last had up (around thetime i posted this thread) but for future reference, i just wantt o know..
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