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Among the things that seem unintuitive to me about Lion is what replaces the simple "Save as" menu item. When using "Duplicate" or "Save a Version" (which sound the same to me) I've lost my original file to something that requires me to go into my back-ups to retrieve the original that I wanted to keep. Neither of the new options automatically give me a choice of where I want the new copy to go. Once that selection is made, I don't have a clue what it just did. It certainly doesn't show up in the same folder as the original file. How do I keep my original and do a simple "Save As" to the destination of my choice, leaving the original alone?

Equally annoying is how long it takes to save a new file while Lion tries to come up with who knows what else. I can't even "save as" a Quicktime movie without an extremely LONG export option.

Where's the improvement here?
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  • What happens when you try to retrieve a copy of a version? I can see there might be problems with branch of a version of a file for sure here.
    • Also, check to see if you can find an arrow next to the dialog to name a file. If you click on it, it should open a dialog box…uh…we hope.
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        If you want to eliminate all that confusing new stuff, pick up a copy of cocktail

        Along with clearing caches and other valuable maintenance scripts, it has one that will set all you apps to the original "save" and "save as" feature.
        • Oh yeah…! Forgot about that feature!
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            I created a test file that I could sacrifice. Seems that "Duplicate" does the same thing as "Save As," but there's nothing to instill any trust that you're not permanently ruining a file that you wanted to retain, without the new changes. At least not until you're ready to close it. THEN you get the dialog for where to put it.

            Without knowing what else to do, I went into Time Machine to find an earlier version of the file that brought up my post to start with, and I made a copy back into the folder where it had started. Still can't believe Apple would come up with something so radically complicated.
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              Not all improvmenet are improvements
              Some of us can remember when emtying the trash was simple and there was not doubt about it . None of this " Are you sure " B S or Microsloth's cynical recycle bin . HMMmmmmm. .It use to be that from the desktop you'd hit " Splat + Y " for highlighted icons and they would be put back to where they came from . No more . How about when ' Splat + N ' made a new folder on the desktop ? Now it just opens a new window, it seems
              TextEdit still works for me and offers a bunch of useable ' Save As ' options in cluding RTF , HTML sometimes and Word ® and . rtfd others ( HAhahAh ! ) . .Another example is ( in Preview ) the various ' save as ' functions . I always save - a l l - the various graphics formats as .jpgs or jpegs no matter what they are originally ( .tiff. png, etc ) ∞ h t h /s Steve
              • Uh, you can set that option to skip that dialog for the trash can emptying, StOshEr.
                • What I wish I could turn off is the warning that "this file was downloaded from the internet..."
                  I do a lot of stuff with website back ends and sometimes I have to download entire sites to manipulate them, and EVERY SINGLE PAGE pops up with that damn warning.
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                    There is an option for that in 10.5…not sure about 10.6 and 10.7. Also, some of the hidden tool utilities work for turning this off in 10.6…or they did—it's possible that Apple has disabled this as an option I suppose.
            • I haven't worked with the functionality yet, but it makes me wonder if it's complicated for everyone or just complicated for those who fully comprehend Save/Save As... functionality.

              I know that the legacy concepts are very confusing for a lot of non-power users.
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                Yeah, I really hate the Save a Version and Duplicate. I am also not fond of Unlock.
                thanks for letting me vent :)
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                  Over the approximately 26 years I've been on a computer, the fixing of things that aren't broken has continued to piss me off beyond measure. Tinker! Tinker! Tinker!

                  STOP IT.

                  Fix what's wrong, or improve something for EASE of use. If it works and is intuitive, leave that part the fuck ALONE! Change for the sake of change isn't progress at all. It's just CHANGE.

                  I think that the death of Facebook will be from fucking with things that work to the point that the masses who aren't all that computer literate will tire of trying to RE-figure things out that weren't complicated to start with.

                  And THAT is MY soapbox.
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                    "Over the approximately 26 years I've been on a computer, the fixing of things that aren't broken has continued to piss me off beyond measure... Fix what's wrong, or improve something for EASE of use. If it works and is intuitive, leave that part the fuck ALONE! Change for the sake of change isn't progress at all. It's just CHANGE."

                    Ditto. (I may never need to say anything for myself in here again. Y'all are saying them for me. :) )

                    My roommate and I bitch together about this often. This is a major problem with a lot of websites we frequent. It's as though the people in charge of website design think that if the UI isn't changing *constantly*, whether there's actually a reason for it to change or not, users will get tired of it or something. But I've never heard *one* person say, "You know, I'm really comfortable using this website and I know how everything works... I really wish they'd totally change it every couple of months so I have to completely relearn how to do everything on a regular basis."

                    If it ain't broke, DON'T FUCKING FIX IT!!!
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                      Let's start a religion.
                      • Yes, we can call it...


                        You're not allowed to attend church unless you have a *really good reason* to do so. :)
                        • l o l √ Did you just say that , guys ¿
                          HAhahHAhahah ! Umm. i think some one beat us to it -->
                          Wiki means ƒast in Hawai'ian ☂
                          R I P Steverino ✠
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                            Back in the late '80s when I was taking my first Mac lessons on an SE, I was asking all of these esoteric questions that, frankly, I was surprised to hear coming out of my own mouth. My teacher was stunned and said that I was MEANT to be on a Mac. She then recommended a book that she showed me, "Zen and the Art of Macintosh." I bought it. It was all so new that the content had been generated on a dot matrix printer.

                            Funny, but today "Dot Matrix" sounds like the name of an aging Sci-Fi drag queen.
                            • l o l watch √ 
                              Dot matrix ? bit mapped and not vector graphics¿ Panasonic PX-81 √ *<;Q~ santa smokin'
                              ƒunnier yet , the computer i used to sell on K St. DC - the Kaypro 2000 , the first clamshell 285 DOS pc-dos laptop ( and not MS-DOS )
                              Yup , even Robert Pirsig's " Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance, " is worth a re-read from time to time
                              The SE and the Mac + had 63000 motorola/ibm series processors @ 16 mhz in them. .like the Mars Oddesy rover ( and it's still running, too :) NASA wanted something would go 90 feet or 90 days , which ever came first ( Spirit - Oddloyy )
                              Yeah you read right - sixteen megahertz and our Hayes era modems connected at 9,600 baud (9.6 not 28.8 or 52k ) to GENIE® net or Prodigy ® - about the same speed you can type ( TTY teletypes back then , after all :) . Deaf people were hot on modems √  i mean . That's h o w they communicated with each other after the alarm clock woke them up with a flashing light . i empyoed a deaf programmer who used DEC quipment ( Digital Equipment Corporation ® - like Data General ® and Wang ® Rt. 1 2 8 MIT Massachusetts grads . An Wang invented the magnetic core memory for IB M back in 1 9 4 8 after the war , the big one )
                              Macs haven't changed that much . Even the Apple // was * c o l o r * They still talk and listen ∞
                              Stephen Levy's " Soul of New Machine ," is still a good book
                              it explains the difference bewteen code crackers ( reverse engineering a lá Microsloth ) and hackers ∞ h t h
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                                I read "....Motorcycle Maintenance" too, back when.

                                My little Mac SE had two (Count 'em folks) TWO floppy ports. Lord, but I was full of myself with that.
                                • My first job has a PC XT as the main computer. I got to install the second 256k ram. It had the industrial sized, whopping, 10 MEGA byte (not kilo, but mega) hard drive. Wow, that was an intense machine. :oP

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